Alois Kronschlaeger:

Islamic Arts Festival 2016
Nineteenth Edition "BUNYAN"
14th Dec - 24 Jan 2017
United Arab Emirates Government of Sharjah

UNTITLED Miami Beach, 2016
Special Project:
This elevated structure is a project by artist Alois Kronschlaeger and Paul Amenta, with architect Ted Lott of Lott3Metz Architecture, and presented by SiTE:LAB

UNTITLED Miami Beach, 2016
PEANA Projects: Booth B16
Wed, Nov 30, to Sun, Dec 4, 2016
Mario Navarro
David Rodriguez Caballero
Saul Sanchez
Alois Kronschlaeger

PEANA Projects
Nov 10th, 2016 - Jan 23th, 2017 (by appointment only)
Opening Reception: Thursday, Nov 10th 2016, 8-11 pm
Av. Fuentes del Valle # 304 (acceso por via Clodia)
San Pedro, Garza Garcia
Monterrey, Mexico

PEANA Projects is pleased to present MARATHON, a group show with works by Silvina Arismendi, David Rodríguez Caballero, Andrés Ramírez Gaviria, Alois Kronschlaeger, Pier Stockholm, and Alexis Zambrano.

Art Toronto 2016

October 28-31, 2016
Cristin Tierney Gallery is pleased to be presenting at Art Toronto.

Visit us in booth #C-54 where we will feature works by Janet Biggs, Peter Campus, Richard Galpin, MK Guth, Alois Kronschlaeger, Helen Lundeberg, and Jennifer Marman and Daniel Borins.

Design Week México
October 6th through the 23rd, 2016
Design House
Calle Luis G Urbina #84
10:30 - 19:00 h
Polanco, Mexico City

We are pleased to announce the participation of PEANA Projects artist, Alois Kronschlaeger in Design Week México. Sin título is a sculptural installation by Alois Kronschlaeger that consists of sixty-four multicolored carbon steel rods welded to the roof of a 1950s Mexican baroque-style house in the neighborhood of Polanco, in Mexico City. Nearly twenty feet long and one inch wide, the individual rods are arranged in rows of eight, equally distanced from one another to create a perfect geometric shape.

ArtPrize / Site-Lab
HYBRID STRUCTURES, September 21 - October 9th, 2016
333 Rumsey Street, Grand Rapids, Michigan

HYBRID STRUCTURES was conceived by Alois Kronschlaeger (artist), in collaboration with Paul Amenta (artist), and Ted Lott (architect), in partnership with Chris Smit of DisArt. This architectural intervention is a response to the abandoned buildings that line the Northside of Rumsey Street which include: the deconsecrated Catholic church, rectory, school building and convent. A series of ramps traverse, pierce, and connect these structures, providing an accessible and inclusive exploration of the site. New vantage points are created into the abandoned buildings as well as onto the surrounding site, granting visitors an opportunity to experience Rumsey Street in new and extraordinary ways. Access becomes Art.

SWAB Art Fair Barcelona 2016
September 29 - October 2, 2016
Stand 17
Galeria SGR, Bogota, Colombia
Thiago Bortolozzo, Luciano Denver, Maximo Florez, Alois Kronschlaeger, Juan Uribe

EXPO Chicago 2016
September 22-25, 2016
Cristin Tierney Gallery is thrilled to be presenting at EXPO Chicago on the Navy Pier from September 22nd through the 25th.

Visit us at booth #347 where we will feature works by Karl Benjamin, Janet Biggs, Richard Galpin, MK Guth, Alois Kronschlaeger, Helen Lundeberg, Jennifer Marman and Daniel Borins, Jorge Tacla, and Francisco Ugarte.

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